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Top 7 Kid-sized Gardening Tools


Kids love to dig in the dirt. They love to water their seeds and care for their gardens. It's fun to see their faces light up when they see their first sprout. Here are my top picks for kids-sized gardening tools.

1. Garden Tools

I love these kids-sized Garden Tools with steel heads and hardwood handles. Quality tools include rake, shovel, hoe and leaf rake.
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2. Kid's Wheelbarrow

Radio Flyer
This is a real wheelbarrow by Radio Flyer. It is a must for young gardeners to haul dirt, flowers, grass clippings or toys. It has a red steel tray, hardwood handles and a black plastic molded wheel. (ages 3 and up)

3. Kid's Garden Tote Tool Set

This gardening kit comes with a quality canvas tote, three 8" sturdy garden hand tools: a trowel, rake and shovel. Decorated with a friendly frog and ladybug, this tote has seven deep pockets and a roomy interior that expands to 8" in diameter. This is a fun set to grow with!
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4. I Dig Gardening! Kids Apron and Tool Set

These I Dig Gardening Kids Aprons can be personalized with any child's name. There are two designs to choose from. They are made of natural, khaki canvas for durability. The durable 3 piece garden tool set includes a trowel, rake and shovel.
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5. Kid's Garden Kit

This Kids' Garden Kit includes all the essential kid-sized tools your child will need to create a window sill garden or to work along with you in the backyard. The kit includes: mini towel, mini hoe, mini rake, two pots with saucers, spray bottle, seeds, gardening gloves and gardening bag.
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6. Kid's Watering Can Garden Kit

This set includes one pair of jersey knit garden gloves, trowel, rake, shovel, and a durable metal watering can. Choose from Green/Yellow and Blue/Green.
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7. Kid's Gardening

This Klutz Gardening book comes with a plastic trowel and seven varieties of seeds.
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