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Schedule for unschooling (from webdiva1269 )


We wing it. Everyday. I guess it's kind of unschooling, but I try to present topics and options. It's also my job to make sure she completes that which she starts.

Some days, we watch Discovery School (love Cable in the Classroom!), or NASA TV. Some days, she does workbook stuff. Right now, she is reading Story of the World to herself, the Usborne Books Word Detective Books, doing Time, Money and Fractions workbook pages, and the occasional project. (We have been doing a GeoSafari Egyptian Dig) She saw the Pompeii special on the Discovery Channel and has been completely captured by the idea of a Plinian eruption. There are pictures all over my house of dragons flying over ash plumes. She went online to the Pompeii web site at Discovery.com and learned all about different kinds of volcanoes.

We do have some regular stuff we do. She is taking Pa Kua and a French movement class, and she belongs to an afterschool geology club. She and DH do science stuff from time to time, and they also play piano together. This year, we plan to learn to knit and make bread.

I figure, why mess with it? This is working for us, for now. I can see, however, that it might be useful to get a little more organization going as she gets older. (In our state, she's not even old enough to be registered as a homeschooler!) How did all of you get that ball rolling? Were you always this organized, or was it born from necessity?

~ webdiva1269

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