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Schedule for 7-1/2 year old with the wiggles (from SmamaVon)


Schedule?:) I have a 7 1/2 year old who is in the 4th grade w/5th gr. LA and 7th gr. spelling. He is just shy of hyper and quite a handful, so recently we made a few changes. We don't start until around 11:00.....this has given him time to watch a video, eat, read his latest book and most importantly, get out the wiggles!

Then I set my timer for 60 minutes and we work on whatever unit we are doing until the timer goes off, then there is a 10 minute break. After that, we continue with whatever we were doing or switch subjects if we are ready, and after that timer goes off, it's a 20 minute lunch break. We continue thru 2 more rounds w/10 minute breaks. It seems to work for him, and I can always quit early if something comes up. Add in co-op day or field trip every other week, and we cover it all! It is surprising to see how much you accomplish, even when you think you are so behind! Keep up the good work!

~ SmamaVon

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