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Our Homeschool Schedule

Schedule for 1st & 3rd Grades (from Kathy)


1st grade son and 3rd grade son We use the k12.com curriculum so our schedule is easy and works for us. I honestly love our routine. I'm very relaxed, I'm not stressed for time, etc. When we go to the doctor, dental, hair cut, etc appts - we just take a clipboard with one of our lessons of the day.

I get up early for "me time" Relax, coffee, emails, news. I have a laptop so I sit in my husband's easy chair and check my email while watching the news and having my coffee - I might even get up early enough to watch an old James Stewart or Myrna Loy movie, ;)

  • 9:00 - start school
    1st grader starts with phonics and then LA
    3rd grader starts with LA (I love k12's LA's)

  • 10 or 10:30 (depending on their LA lesson that day) - they both do math

  • 11:30- they work on their handwriting - printing and cursive while I make lunch
Monday afternoon, we go swimming at the rec center for a few hours, we then come back and do Science or History (love k12's Science and History)

They are then allowed to play a pc game which consists of a variety of tycoon games, zoombinis, board games, etc The tycoon games involve strategy and math - these are their favorites and they are mom and dad's favorites for them. This is if the weather is chilly - the weather just said we'll have 60's temps this week so we'll be busy hiking in these beautiful mountains - Red Rocks or Buffalo Bills park area.

Wed at 2:30 is piano for the 8 year old, Thurs. at 2:30 is guitar for the 8 year old and Friday at 2:30 is piano for the 7 year old. We have just started January with Fridays off from doing school work due to our 8 year taking all day ski lessons which means our 7 year old will spend the morning swimming and the afternoon in music lessons. This will last until March and then we'll start soccer practice for both boys and swim lessons two evenings a week.

I try to get what I can in before 3 because all the neighborhood kids show up at our house when they get out of school so it is hard to try and work anything else in due to the distraction.

Both boys also practice their music (piano and guitar) for a half hour on each instrument every day. This varies from evening with dad or after lunch in case we have plans that evening.

~ Kathy in Colorado

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