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Our Homeschool Schedule

Schedule for 14 year old (from Liz)


Our schedule isn't much different, even though our daughter is 14. She is our youngest; our older two are homeschool graduates and are 20 and 23. The oldest just graduated college and lives at home, but is engaged to be married. Our 20-year-old is a junior and is home most weekends.

School starts by 9:00 a.m. If she wants to shower, have breakfast, watch a little morning TV, that's fine. But she has to get up early enough to squeeze it in before 9:00 a.m.

She does language arts first as she can do it completely on her own. We are using Alpha Omega this year and it is working well. I'm usually off getting some laundry going or putting something in the crock-pot for dinner, but available if I need to be.

Bible and history (civics this year) follow; sometimes we read it together, some days it's mostly writing and she does it on her own.

We do math together, usually right before lunch. She needs my assistance here. We're using 7th grade A/B even though she is "in" 8th grade. This has always been a difficult subject for my kids and she's no different. We're looking at the A/B DVD program for her high school math...

After lunch comes her reading time, piano practice and maybe some unstructured science - think we'll do a sourdough bread starter today; she loves to bake and cook but hasn't done bread yet.

By 1:00 or 2:00, her day is her own. She might computer for awhile, do some chores or talk to some other h/s friends on the phone.

For activities, she is on a h/s bowling league, meets 4X a week for youth/Bible study activites and attends 4-H and piano practice. We are checking into some volunteer work that she might enjoy in the near future. She helps me with my aging parents and mother-in-law quite often, as we cook and clean for them and take them to Dr. appointments, etc. regularly. We have school catch-as-catch can on those days.

Sheesh, didn't mean to write a book! Everything sure looks good in print, doesn't it, lol?? As with most h/sing families, this is an ideal day; not all of them are so organized!

~ Liz

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