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Our Homeschool Schedule

Schedule for 6 year old (from Julie)


As much as I try to follow a real schedule, it doesn't always work that way. We're much better this year, though, our second year of HS'ing. I know what works on what day, and what works for what part of each day. DS 6 and I both get up to speed around 3:00 p.m. DH works until 8-9 p.m. most days, so sometimes we start school when the public school kids are getting off the bus! Some of this has to do with the fact that my DD 4 is in public preschool and she is physically and mentally disabled. So DS and I do a lot of errands and things while she's at school, then we have lunch at home w/ Dad, then it takes awhile to get going in the day.

I use K12, Inc. for my curriculum, so there's little planning and the scheduling tool they have keeps us on track. The only additional course we add is bible. But here's how our week looks (or is supposed to!) Not included here is all the extra free reading time DS does in hits and misses throughout the day, or the math games he plays online. Monday:

  • Handwriting practice - write out Sunday's memory verse - 10-15 min (while mom goes and puts in laundry)
  • Two History lessons - approximately 60 min.
  • One or two Math lessons - 30-45 min
  • One or two Language Arts lessons - 60 min
  • HS P.E. class at the YMCA - one hour
  • Library time - 30 min
  • One Math - 30 min
  • One LA - 30 min
  • One Science with Dad in evening - 45-60 min
  • Two Art lessons - 90 min (depending on the complexity of the projects that day)
  • One LA lesson - 30 min
  • Handwriting - 10-15 min
  • HS P.E. class - one hour
  • Library time - 30 min
  • One Math - 30 min
  • One LA - 30 min
  • Science w/ Dad in evening - 45-60 min
  • Two Music - 45 min
  • Two Math - 45-60 min
  • One LA - 30 min
  • Handwriting - 10-15 min
We also do bible lessons at bed time for about 30 minutes. We fit in trips to and classes at the art museum (usually weekends when it's free), science center, and zoo. There's also classes at the library.

I find that the "modified block" schedule I use for History, Art & Music works well. Usually DH doesn't get to do Science as scheduled on Tues & Thur, so they block schedule it on Sat or Sun, and do a few lessons at a time.

~ Julie

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