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Happy Phonics - Best Homeschool Phonics Program 2012
Happy Phonics

Happy Phonics

Diane Hopkins

Diane Hopkins, homeschooling mother of 7, developed Happy Phonics to keep her wiggly, restless 5-year-old boy excited and learning. Workbooks didn't do the trick, but games taught him to read quickly the "happy" way!

Happy Phonics includes:

Mom-Friendly Guidebook will explain just what to do!

Loads of fun games:
Muffin Match, Capital match, Find-My-Letter, Read-Me Cards, Flippin' Fun, Reading House, Castle Game, Rhyme Time, Build-a-Sentence, Scrambled Sentences, Silent E Game, Climb the E Tree, CH-SH-TH-WH Game, Space Race, Crazy Daisy, Mountain Climber, Memory Game, Three in a Row Game, Match Game, E-A Game, First Nurse Game, Y Not?, Phonics Bingos (3 levels), Boat Launch and Contraction Concentration

...and more tools to help:

  • Alphabet Desk Strip
  • Phonics Flashcards
  • Clue Flashcards
  • Read and Spell Lists
  • Vowel Flip Cards
  • First Books (7 books)
  • Flip and Read Booklets

...and to enjoy reading as skills grow along the way:
My Big Book (76 pages)

Learn More About Happy Phonics:

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