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United States Geography Sheets

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United States Geography Sheets
Hold That Thought

The Bottom Line

The United States Geography CD by Hold that Thought is an excellent resource for students to record their research on the 50 states.


  • Create a notebook of the United States
  • Strengthens research and writing skills
  • Choose a state or do a notebook of all the states


  • None


  • 320 pages of engaging activities
  • 6 pages on each state
  • Section on national symbols

Guide Review - United States Geography Sheets

Hold that Thought is a Christian-based company located in Glendale, California. They have produced CDs of worksheets to give students an easy method of recording what they learn to create notebooks on different topics. The U.S. Geography CD has 320 pages of activities about the 50 states. It begins with a section about where the student lives and an introduction and overview of the United States. The next section has information on each of the states - there are 6 pages for each state. The pages guide the students in learning about the symbols, the weather, natural resources, topography, and more. There are Bible verses and famous quotations on many pages. The last section has national information - American flag, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and more. There is a review section and vocabulary words to learn. The information for filling out the pages can be found in the library, the encyclopedia or on the internet. (for 4th grade and above)

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