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Homeschool Physical Education Ideas

Physical Education Worksheets and Coloring Pages


Each state has their own requirements, but here in California, the physical education requirement is 200 minutes in 10 days. This can be broken down to 20 minutes a day, or a couple longer sessions a week. There are many activities that can be used to get your children active and fit. Here are a few ideas that are "off the beaten path."

Keep track of the activities on this Physical Education Record Keeping Form.

B-boying Worksheets and Coloring Pages

B-boying Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez

Learn about breakdancing or B-boying with these printable worksheets and coloring pages. My grandson has been B-boying for almost a year now. He is known as B-boy Yo-yo. Breakdancing takes a lot of practice to master the moves and build strength and endurance. Its an excellent form of exercise. Check your local homeschool groups and community centers for any breakdancing classes offered.

Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag Instructions and Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez

Flashlight Tag is a fun game that is usually played at night, either indoors or out. Learn the rules to Flashlight Tag with the printable coloring page.

Other forms of tag are also good forms of exercise. There is freeze tag, nation tag, and even red light, green light.

Frisbee Coloring Page

Frisbee History and Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez

Learn about the history of the Frisbee with this coloring page. Then go outside and toss around a Frisbee with a friend. There are Frisbee Golf courses at some parks. Frisbee Golf is a challenging game, but a lot of fun.

Hacky Sack Coloring Page

Hacky Sack Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez
Learn about the inventors of the Hacky Sack and how the game came to be. Practicing alone or with a group of friends, the Hacky Sack provides an opportunity to practice tricks that help with coordination, flexibility and working with others.

Hula Hoop Fun

Hula Hoop Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez

Old-fashioned playground activities such as hula hoops, jump rope and hop scotch are all good ways to get moving. Some homeschool groups offer physical education classes that include these all time favorites.

Learn about hula hoops with this coloring page, then see how many you can twirl at the same time!

Pogo Sticking

Pogo Sticks Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez
Jumping with a pogo stick is harder than it looks and takes practice to get good at it. Bring your pogo stick to your next homeschool park day, but be prepared to share because everyone will want a turn. You should wear a protective helmet, especially if you're going to try anything tricky.

Skateboarding Printables

Skateboarding Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez

Skateboarding is an excellent way to get your exercise in. Skateboarding takes lots of practice to master certain jumps and tricks. Be sure to wear safety equipment: helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. There are public skateparks where you can try your skills on the stairs, ramps and rails. Some skateparks have half-pipes, quarter pipes and bowls.

Learn some of the skateboarding basic terminology with these printable worksheets.

Walking Log

Walking Log
Beverly Hernandez
Walking is an excellent way for homeschool students to get moving. Families can walk together or form a walking group with your homeschool group. Use this Walking Log Form to keep track of how far or how long you walk. Check out the information provided by Wendy Bumgardner, About.com's guide to Walking.

Yo-yo Printables

Yo-yo Crossword Puzzle
Beverly Hernandez

Becoming a master of the yo-yo takes a lot of practice. Watch the winning routine of the World Yo-yo Championships and you'll be amazed! The yo-yo is also good for learning some scientific principles.

Learn some yo-yo terminology with these worksheets and then get out your yo-yo and have some fun!

Physical Education Record Keeping Form

Physical Education Record Keeping Form
Beverly Hernandez
Use this Physical Education Record Keeping Form to keep track of the activities your students participate in each day to meet the physical education requirements for your area.
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