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Basketball Practice - Day 3



  • 5 minutes - Warm-up and Stretching
  • 15 minutes - Shooting
  • 10 minutes - Ball Handling
  • 5 minutes - Water Break
  • 10 minutes - Rebounding
  • 7 minutes - Passing
  • 8 minutes - Defense

Warm-up and Strectching (5 min.):

Have the players jog the perimeter of the court and then get in a circle for stretching. Do the same stretches as the last practice.

Shooting (15 min.):

Go through the lay-up drill twice on each side and then introduce the set shot. Demonstrate the proper shooting form, breaking it down and focusing on keeping the elbow straight, looking at the basket and snapping the wrist after releasing the ball. Have the players line up about three feet in front of the basket and try to shoot using the proper form. After they shoot, have them follow their shot instead of watching it.

Ball Handing (10 min.):

Set up two lines of cones about 4 or 5 feet apart. Split the players into two lines and have them dribble around the cones, switching hands as they go around each one. Have them jump stop at the last cone on the way back before they pass it to the next person in line. If there is still time, have a couple of relay races.

Water Break (5 min.):

Rebounding (10 min.):

Demonstrate how to rebound and pivot and make an outlet pass. Throw the ball off of the side of the backboard and rebound, and then pivot out and pass it to the outlet player who is standing on the wing. Emphasize pivoting away from the middle of the key and have the outlet player yell "outlet" and have their hands up ready to catch the ball. You may just throw the ball in the air for the player to rebound instead of throwing it off of the backboard.

Passing (7 min.):

Introduce the two-handed overhead pass. Stress the fact that they don't Want to throw it high, they want to throw it to their partner. Have them partner up and line up on either side of the key. Starting with the chest pass, have a contest to see which pair can get to 10 passes the quickest. Have them count out loud. Do this same contest for each of the passes.

Defense (8 min.):

Review defensive stance and footwork. Teach them how to shuffle, if they haven't been taught yet, and have them shuffle side to side. Make sure they keep their hands up and their knees bent. Teach them how to jump into the defensive stance when you say something like "ready" or "stance". Have them yell "defense" as they get into their stance.

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