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Basketball Practice - Day 1



  • 10 minutes - Introduction to program/questions.
  • 5 minutes - Stretching and player introductions.
  • 20 minutes - Offense
  • 5 minutes - Water Break
  • 20 minutes - Defense

Introduction to program/questions (10 min.):

Briefly have the director or leader explain the outline and philosophies of the program to the parents. Answer questions about the game or practice times, equipment, rules of the game, etc.

Stretching and Player Intros (5 min.):

Have the players run around the court once for a warm-up, and then make a circle for stretching. As the team is stretching, have the kids introduce themselve one at a time. As you are stretching, you can also let the kids know what is going on in practice that day and get them motivated for practice. Focus on back and leg muscles while stretching.

Offense (20 min.) - (Triple threat/Passing 10min., Dribbling 10 min.):

Teach the players the triple threat position. Demonstrate, and show them they can either shoot, pass or dribble out of this position. Emphasize keeping the ball protected and keeping their knees bent. Also demonstrate a chest pass, emphasizing that they should only pass the ball to someone who is looking at them and that they should call the name of the person they are passing to.

Then split t team in half and have them line up facing each other. Have them pass back and forth, every time they catch it they should be in the triple threat position.

Demonstrate the correct way to dribble. Explain that they must try to only dribble with one hand and not bounce it too high. Split them up into two lines on the baseline and have them dribble to the half court line and back. Before they pass it to the next person in line, make sure they stop and are under control.

Water Break (5 min.):

You might suggest that the kids bring a water bottle to practice.

Defense (20 min.) - (Defensive stance 10 min., Zone defense 10 min.):

Explain the concept of defense to the kids. Make sure they understand that they cannot hit or grab the other players. Demonstrate the defensive stance, emphasizing staying low and keeping the knees bent, and also keeping the hands up. Have them practice getting into the stance and staying down for about 5-10 seconds, just to get used to it. If time permits, teach them how to shuffle, going side to side.

Explain that in a zone defense, players are responsible for defending their own area. Set five players up in a 2-1-2 defense and walk them through the coverages. Have the rest of the team set up and pass the ball around, making sure the right player defends whomever is in their zone. Have the offense and defense switch after a couple of minutes, so that both groups get a chance.

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