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Senior Division (11-13 year olds)

Rules and Regulations


The Senior Division consists of up to 10 players, ages 11-13 - 5 players on court. Basket height - 10 foot, Basketball size official - Free throw line 15 foot.
  1. Defense: Teams must play man-to-man defense in the entire 1st half. Teams may play either man-to-man or zone defense in the second half.

    *Penalty: One warning per team and then a team technical foul will be assessed.

  2. Man-to-man Defense: The defensive player must be within a six (6) feet guardian position, A defensive team may double-team a player who has the basketball. Defensive team cannot double-team a player who does not have the ball. Officials will give one warning per half to each team. Further infractions will result in a technical foul.

  3. Press: Teams may employ a full-court press at any time during the game. During the first half, the teams must play only a man-to-man full court press, if they decide to press.
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