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Youth Basketball

Rules and Regulations


Philosophy of Program:

To offer the participants a high quality program that will teach the basic fundamentals, offensive and defensive philosophy, sportsmanship of the game, and to have all participants learn to respect their coaches, officials, and rules. Recreation is an important element in life and can help an individual develop mentally as well as physically.

Length of Playing Periods:

There will be four (4) eight-minute periods for all divisions (except varsity and senior division). Varsity and Senior division will play (4) ten-minute periods. Every period will be a running clock, only stopping on timeouts and technical fouls.

The Clock:

The clock will be stopped during the last two (2) minutes of the game on all dead ball situations for all divisions (except Pee Wee division). If the point difference is ten (10) points or more, the clock will remain running until the score arrives at less than ten (10) points.

Half Time:

The 1st and 2nd periods will constitute the 1st half; 3rd and 4th periods will constitute the 2nd half. Half time will be three (3) minutes in duration.


Each team will be allowed two (2) time outs in each half. The time outs must be taken in their respective halves or they will be lost (no accumulations).

Player Participation:

. Every player must play 4 minutes of each quarter, 8 minutes per half for PeeWee and Junior Varsity. Varsity and Seniors must play 5 minutes of each quarter, 10 minutes per half. Every player must also sit out half of each period during the game, so as not to play the whole game, except in case of injury health problems.

  1. Sickness: Once the game has started and a player becomes sick or is unable to continue during a game, the coach of the player must enter, in the scorebook the player's name, time, a the period. The players will be ineligible to re-enter the game.

  2. Discipline: If a player misses consecutive practice without an excuse the coach will notif the site director. The site director will immediately notify the parents of the players. If these violations continue, the player will not be eligible to participate in the next game.

  3. Injury: If a player is injured and removed during a game, the player will be eligible to re-enter per discretion of his/her coach. The partial period of play will constitute one full period for the injured player. Any player may be substituted for the injured player, if the player participation rule is not affected. The player participation rules must be strictly enforced - one full period of play for each player per half.
Must Sit Rule:

Every player must sit out at least half of the period.

20 Point Rule:

If a team has a 20-point lead at any time during the game, they will not be allowed to employ a full court press or a half-court press. No pressure is allowed. It is recommended that top players are removed and the substitutes play (only if player participation is not compromised). In the 4th period, and with a 20-point lead, the coach must take his top players out until the point difference is less than 10 points.

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