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Do-It-Yourself Basketball

Homeschool Physical Education


My grandchildren are in a Pee Wee Basketball League for 4 and 5 year olds. It has been a very positive experience for them. While fulfilling my role as grandma, spectator, and photographer, I couldn't help but think that this would be an easy sport for homeschool groups to organize for coop classes or even an all-out basketball league. It seems like it would be easy to organize and easy to carry out, with a minimal investment in equipment.

For the Pee Wee league, we have one practice a week and a game on Saturdays. But even without a league, it would be an excellent class for your homeschool coop classes to teach the children basic skills and provide some physical activity.

In the Pee Wee and J.V. Divisions, we use Fisher Price Basketball hoops and Mini Basketballs. The games are played on regular basketball courts, but utilizing half the court, making play areas for 2 games at a time. (The width of the court becomes the length for the younger teams, placing a basket on each side.)

I'm just throwing this out there for you to get you thinking of the possibilities for your students. I'm providing sample rules and sample practice guidelines to give you something to work with. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts and about what you're doing.

Sample Rules:

Sample Basketball Practice Guidelines:
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