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Physical Education

Resources, articles and tips for teaching Physical Education to your homeschooled student.

Physical Education for Homeschool Kids
Parents have lots of options for teaching physical education and helping kids stay fit and healthy.

Competitive Sports for Homeschoolers
Homeschool students can compete at any level -- from recreational teams to the Olympics and beyond.

Homeschooling PE Indoors
Try some of these indoor physical education options when your kids can't get outside for homeschool PE.

Start Your Own Outdoor Games Day
When your homeschool group meets for a regular Outdoor Games Day, kids get to practice sportsmanship and leadership while getting exercise and having fun.

Online Physical Education
Online physical education programs are an option available to homeschoolers as well as public school students.

Homeschool Physical Education Ideas
These physical education ideas are different than your everyday sports. You can meet your homeschool physical education requirements in many different ways. The idea is to get your kids moving and physically fit. Try some of these ideas and learn the terminology that goes with each one.

The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book
Guy Bailey's Homeschool Physical Education book is the best resource I have seen to help homeschoolers meet the P.E. requirement without expensive equipment or large playing areas.

Walking Log
Homeschoolers…Let’s Get Walkin’ - Use this Walking Log to keep track of the amount of time or distance that you walk. Walking is a good way for families to be active together.

Exercise and Rest
Mini unit on exercise and rest for grades K-2.

Do-It-Yourself Basketball
Basketball is an easy sport for homeschool groups to organize for homeschool coop classes or even an all-out basketball league. It seems like it would be easy to organize and easy to carry out, with a minimal investment in equipment.

Pedometers for Kids
These pedometers are kid friendly and a good way to let your child see how active they are and encourage them to increase their steps.

Physical Education Record Keeping Form
Use this form to keep track of the Physical Activities performed to meet the Physical Education requirement for your area.

My Memory Book - Physical Education Page
Print the Physical Education page and write about your physical education and sports you participated in. Add to the memory book.

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