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The Success We've Experienced...


The Success We've Experienced...
Beverly Hernandez
Dated 1/20/00
2009 update at end

I've already shared with you how I started homeschooling in my kindergarten article and homeschooling methods article. Now let me tell you how it's gone, the successes we've had and where we are now. This is an article I've been meaning to get around to writing.

Here's my story:

My oldest daughter, Julee, is now married and has a child (my grandson). I homeschooled her from the beginning. She passed the proficiency exam at 15 and went on to junior college at 16. She placed in all college level classes - that was my report card - she did learn something! Her desire in life was to get married, have children and homeschool them. Her husband is a computer programmer, making good money and they've already bought their first home. She's a great wife and mother, I couldn't be more pleased!

My second daughter, Jessica, is now 16. She only has one class left to finish up at home for her high school years. She wants to be a chef and is going to a local culinary arts school. She really likes it and the meals around here have been quite tasty! She has always loved hands-on projects, crafts, computer programming and cooking. She's been a joy to teach.

My baby, Joshua, is 13 and in the 8th grade. He is now part of Willoway Junior High, an online school.* He gets up each morning, checks his assignments and digs right in. He has teleconferencing with his teacher and classmates three times a week. He loves this time and has already made friends. He likes having contact with the other kids all day. I'll let you know more about this school later. One of my goals for him is to make sure that he knows the basics in home repairs and management. I feel a little more pressured to make sure he goes far in math since he will be the bread winner when he has a family.

*Josh is no longer in the online school. It is a great program, but I prefer being more in control and am therefore schooling him on my own again.

We've used mostly Abeka curriculum, Saxon for math, and enjoyed many unit studies. I've loved homeschooling and will be sad when we're all done. I'm sure I'll get to help out with the schooling of my grandchildren though.

I, at one time, ran a homeschool group of over 100 families and also had a homeschool bookstore for a while. Now I run a small homeschool group at church (only 4 families this year). Doing the About.com homeschooling site has been good for me in that it has refreshed my love for homeschooling and also given me an education in how the homeschooling world has changed over the years. So, I spend my days helping Josh with his school, running Jessica around, playing with my grandson and working on my site. It's a good life!

2009 update

This article is very outdated! Time for an update. Here's the scoop on my kids:

Julee is now a homeschooling mother of 6 children. Jessica is mother of 3 and homeschooling her preschooler. Joshua is father of 2 and also planning on homeschooling when the time comes. We're still a close knit family and get together often.

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