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California Homeschooling: Legal Representation Announced

Two law firms have stepped up on a pro bono basis to figure out the best strategies for dealing with the court issues in the recent California ruling.

Petition to Request Depublishing of California Court Case In re Rachel

You don't have to be a member of HSLDA or a California homeschooler to sign the petition.

Does court ruling mean trouble for California homeschoolers?

This California court case decision has definitely created a buzz in the homeschool world. The decision goes against everything I believe and I sincerely hope it is overturned by the Supreme Court. But does this case mean trouble for California homeschoolers? I am confident that it does not.

So there are strings attached...

So there are strings attached... For the sakes of homeschoolers across the nation that have decided to use public programs or funds, I hope other states don't follow Alaska's lead...but I'm afraid they might.

Public school teachers twists my article to discourage homeschooling -...

Public school teachers twists my article to discourage homeschooling - opinion piece rebuttal.

Two German couples lose parental authority

In "Hitler's Ghost Haunts German Parents," Alexandra Colen reports on the fate of two of the seven families that have been under prosecution in Germany for homeschooling their children. These two couples have lost their parental rights over their children's educational matters.

Homeschooling mother and son arrested

Imagine enjoying a homeschool park day with your children and friends, then being dragged away to jail. That's what happened at a homeschool group park day in South Carolina. Thankfully, the charges have already been dropped and the arresting officer has been fired.

Homeschoolers Depicted as Terrorists in Mock Drill - School District Apologized

Homeschoolers Depicted as Terrorists in Mock Drill - School District Apologized

Homeschooling Empowers Children - Rebuttal Letter

Homeschooling Empowers Children - Rebuttal Letter. This letter is in response to an op-ed piece written by Margaret W. Boyce for the Holland Sentinel.

Response to Homeschool Horror Article

Rebecca H. Davis, Ph.D. wrote the following letter to the editor of the Charlotte Creative Loafing in response to Ms. Cotton Quinn's article, "Homeschool Horror."

Christian duty to abandon public schools?

Southern Baptist Convention will consider resolution that calls on all members to take their children out of public schools and homeschool them or send them to private Christian schools.

"Schools aren't smorgasbords for sports"

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that schools in Michigan don't have to open their sports teams to students who don't attend classes in their schools.

Captive To The Orthodoxies Of The State

Many of you read the negative article about homeschooling that was written by Dennis L. Evans and published in USA Today on the September 3, 2003. Matthew Bass, who was homeschooled from K-12, wrote an excellent rebuttal to Mr. Evan's article.
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