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Macomb County Christian Homeschoolers (MCCH)


Website/Contact Information:

Macomb County Christian Homeschoolers (MCCH)

Based in Warren Michigan
Phone: 586-524-3659


We strive to create a relaxed environment to ask questions, set up outings for our children and ourselves, and build online and/or offline friendships for support.

Mission Statement:

This is an informal, member led group. Anyone on the forum is welcome to plan an outing and post it to the calendar. If you are planning to go to the zoo feel free to invite others to join you or if you know of classes available to homeshoolers feel free to invite the group. It's that easy.

Religious Affiliation:



We serve Macomb County Michigan and the surrounding areas




There are NO mandatory meetings in our group. No Stress is our motto! :)

Introduction/Welcome Message:

We are a relaxed group of Christian parents and children who get together to socialize, commiserate and collaborate for and about homeschooling. We have regular park days, outings and field trips, a Monthly Parent's Night Out and also share information and chat.

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