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Grocery Cart Math

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Grocery Cart Math
Common Sense Press

The Bottom Line

Grocery Cart Math gives your homeschool students something to do while you do your grocery shopping and allows them to practice their math skills in a real-life setting. This is an excellent book designed for homeschoolers by a homeschool mom.


  • Practice math skills in real-life setting
  • Minimal input from parent
  • Provides discussion opportunities


  • None


  • 3rd - 5th Grade Math Skills
  • Review for 6th Grade and up
  • 38 pages of activities
  • 32 Math lessons, plus 4 "Just For fun" lessons
  • Published by Common Sense Press

Guide Review - Grocery Cart Math

The activities in "Grocery Cart Math" are designed to be done in the grocery store during weekly shopping trips. Parents will discuss the activity with the student before entering the store to ensure they understand their mission. Students gather their information and complete the top sections of the sheet while mom does her grocery shopping. After the shopping trip, the students will then complete the 'at home' and 'talk about it' sections.

Some activities provide math skills practice, while others help to develop smart shopping skills. Grocery Cart Math can also help answer the often asked question, "Why do we have to know this?"

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