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Make A Pie! - A Simple Game of Fractions

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Make A Pie! - A Simple Game of Fractions

Make a Pie Fractions Game

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The Bottom Line

As you begin or deepen your study of fractions, the Make a Pie fraction game is a perfect hands-on tool to make learning fractions exciting and fun. It will give your children a clear understanding of the concept fractions. Equivalent fractions are easy to grasp while playing the game and manipulating the pizza pie pieces. It's an excellent tool for learning fractions.
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  • Provides hands-on fraction fun
  • Equivalent fractions make sense
  • Spinner works very well
  • Quality playing pieces


  • Can be competitive and cause a few tears


  • Cloth tablecloth with empty pizza tins as a playing board
  • 5 pizzas cut into halves, thirds, quarters, eights and twelfths
  • Spinner
  • Chart of Equivalents included
  • For 2 players, ages 6 and up

Guide Review - Make A Pie! - A Simple Game of Fractions

I'm really excited about this fractions game. It has been a big hit with my grandchildren, they ask to play it whenever they're over. It's a simple game of fractions that helps to develop the concepts of fractions and equivalents.

The object of the game is to be the player with the most complete pies when the last slice is taken. Pieces include 5 pies cut into halves, thirds, quarters, eights and twelfths. Each player spins the spinner and places the piece indicated on the spinner onto a pie tin on the playing borad. Players continue to spin and work on building their pies. Strategy is used when a player spins "Take a Piece" and takes a piece from other player's pies. As the "pie cupboard" becomes depleted, players may take any equivalent of the fraction spun if it is no longer available. This can be a benefit since smaller slices might finish more than one pie. To make things easier, a chart of equivalents is printed in the box top, but they soon know them by heart.

For 2 players, ages 6 and up; however, tips for playing with younger players are included.

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