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Course of Study - Science

Exploring Caves



  • Cave Animals - Learn about animals that live in caves - Trogloxenes, Troglophiles, and Troglobites.
  • Caves of Lascaux - The western edges of the Massif Central and the northern slopes of the Pyrenees are noted for an exceptional concentration of Palaeolithic caves. In fact, there are no fewer than one hundred and thirty sanctuaries, the most renowned of which is Lascaux.
  • Exploring Caves - Exploring Caves is an interdisciplinary set of materials on caves for grades K-3, covering geology, cartography, and hydrology.


  • Cave of the Winds - Here are some fun things for you to do! We hope you enjoy trying all these activities.
  • Pictograph Cave State Park - An online field trip where you will explore the three caves of the park and learn about the mysterious paintings and artifacts found there. You will find out how the caves formed and investigate the archeological excavation of the caves as well as recent efforts to preserve them.

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