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American Civil War





  • Alice Williamson Diary - Read a diary kept by 16 year old schoolgirl Alice Williamson, age 16, at Gallatin, Tennessee during the Civil War.
  • Civil War - The American Civil War was a conflict that pitted the Northern states against the Southern states.
  • Civil War Currency - Between 1861 and 1865, the Confederacy issued currency to millions of Southerners, gambling that a Confederate victory would ensure the currency was redeemable. To devalue the Confederate Currency, some Northerners printed Confederate money and circulated it in the South.
  • Civil War for Kids - The students in Mrs. Huber's class at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York, have been learning about the Civil War. Includes timelines, maps, biographies and activity sheets.
  • Civil War Slang - Find out what an "Arkansas Toothpick" is and what it means to "grab a root". List of Civil War slang and the meanings.
  • Music of the American Civil War - MIDI files based on The Civil War Songbook: Complete Original Sheet Music for 37 Songs.


  • Hardtack Recipe - Learn about the food the soldiers ate, try this recipe and have a soldier's lunch.
  • Make a Drum - In the Civil War, many of the young boys not old enough to fight were drummers.
  • Make a Civil War Flag - During the Civil War, flags were symbols of home, the nation and one's fellow soldiers. Design your own Civil War flag.


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