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Cut, Paste & Write a Seasonal Story

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The Bottom Line

The Cut, Paste & Write Series by Edupress helps build word recognition, sequencing and writing skills. Children will love the charming pictures and fun ideas for writing stories.


  • Reproducible
  • Four titles available


  • None


  • Includes: Creative story titles, opening sentence sparks and word banks
  • 28 different picture sets in each pad, and 2 writing templates
  • 4 titles in Available

Guide Review - Cut, Paste & Write a Seasonal Story

Cut, Paste, & Write a Seasonal Story is a reproducible workbook "pad" for grades 1-3. This little pad will help take away the fear of writing. Each page has Story Titles and Story Starters, a list of picture words and 6 themed pictures to color and cut apart. Children glue the pictures in the desired order on the template to illustrate their story. They choose their titles and opening sentence from the suggestions or write their own. Using their pictures as a guide, the word banks and the grade appropriate teaching suggestions, students write their stories.

There are four titles available in the series:

  • Cut, Paste & Write a Seasonal Story
  • Cut, Paste & Write a School Story
  • Cut, Paste & Write an Alphabet
  • Cut, Paste & Write an Animal Story

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