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Language Arts Resources

Find resources to enhance your language arts program from reading instruction to writing research papers.
  1. Alphabet and Phonics (10)
  2. Handwriting and Penmanship (4)
  3. Reading / Literature (11)
  4. Spelling Skills (13)
  5. Writing and Composition (7)

Homeschooling Language Arts
Students need strong communication skills to succeed in school and beyond.

You Can Do It! Teach Your Kids to Read
There's no magic needed to teach reading. You can help your child break the code and explore the mysteries of the written word.

Make Reading Fun
To be truly educational, reading should be fun.

Strengthen Your Child's Reading Skills
Some of the most common techniques for teaching reading comprehension can actually hurt kids' reading skills more than they help. Find out what to do and what not to do to make your child a better reader.

Help Kids Add Variety to Their Reading
Any reading will help kids build skills. But if they're in a rut, entice them to try some new genres with these simple tips.

Start a Homeschool Book Club

Early Reader/Late Reader: Does it Matter?
The age range for learning to read is much broader than most schools allow for.

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