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Homeschool Curriculum Guide - Spelling, Grade 6

Curriculum Options for 6th Grade Spelling


Choosing spelling curriculum can be overwhelming. Here is an overview of the top spelling curriculum available for 6th grade students to help you make your decision.

1. Spelling Power

Master the rules of spelling once and for all with Spelling Power! Quick, five minute tests provide review, instruction in new material, and help children master the 5,000 most often used words and principles. Watch your students’ spelling improve with Spelling Power’s unique methods of practice and consistent repetition! More Spelling Power resources are available.

2. MCP Spelling Workout, Level F

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This is a traditional spelling program with a lesson introduction explaining a spelling concept and a pretest, followed by activities and puzzles during the week to reinforce concepts introduced, and finally, the end of the week test.

The sixth grade book builds on skills previously taught and covers prefixes, suffixes, plurals, homonyms, hurdle words and abbreviations.

3. A Reason for Spelling, Level F

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Every weekly lesson begins with a story that develops key principles found in that week's Scripture verse. The colorful lessons in this workbook are broken down into 10 components: preview, word shapes, hide and seek, other word forms, fun ways to spell, working with words, dictation, proofreading, games, and journaling. In these sections, students will explore word meanings, learn tenses, discover different forms of the root word, learn punctuation, and complete dictionary practice. (Christian publisher)

  • A Reason For Spelling, Level F: Teacher Guide & Student Worktext
  • A Reason For Spelling, Level F: Student Worktext
  • 4. ACSI Spelling, Grade 6

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    Rather than presenting the lists in word families, this ACSI series is designed to teach most frequently used words as well as spelling rules. Sound-letter relationships, visual memory, and meanings are the three strategies used in the instruction in this program. Writing/composition activities are a major part of each spelling lesson.

    Grade four expands on the student's use of visual memory skills and places a stronger emphasis on the meanings and uses of words. Phonetic principles are reviewed with information on the exceptions to these principles. Spelling word lists are 20 words in length. (Christian publisher)

    5. Natural Speller

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    This program encourages children to become natural spellers by learning to recognize sight and sound patterns in vocabulary. Customize your spelling curriculum for grades 1 through 8 with this program. Students will learn commonly misspelled words, Latin and Greek word parts, abbreviations, contractions, homophones, numbers, and more. +Christian publisher.

    6. Spectrum Spelling, Grade 6

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    The Spectrum Spelling curriculum offers age-appropriate explanations and exercizes. The program provides systematic instruction and practice in spelling. This Grade 6 Book covers diphtongs, regular and irregular plurals, related words, Greek and Latin roots & dictionary skills.

    7. Bob Jones Spelling Grade 6

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    BJU Spelling is a traditional program using a five day approach to spelling instruction. Students are taught phonetic and structural generalizations to give students the ability to spell words beyond the list words.

    Spelling 5 has weekly journal writing for spelling reinforcement, while consistently building up vocabulary. Students will learn to spell pairs of related words, state names and other related concepts. (Christian publisher)

    8. Building Spelling Skills, Book 6

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    The Christian Liberty Press spelling program instructs children how to spell using word list exercises, choose the best answer, fill in the blank, list writing practice, sentence practice, categorization and other type questions help with reinforcement and retention of spelling words and principles.(Christian publisher)

    9. Dr. Fry's Spelling Book, Grades 1-6

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    This multi-grade book contains the spelling content for grades 1 through 6, using the 3000 Instant Word List. Picture nouns, phonograms and phonics principles have been added to this.

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