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Homeschool Spelling Curriculum Guide - by Publisher


Some students are natural spellers, others have to work a little harder at it. There are a many different approaches to teaching spelling. The trick is finding the approach that best fits your student. These spelling programs offer different methods of teaching spelling to your homeschooled student.

1. Spelling Power

Master the rules of spelling once and for all with Spelling Power! Quick, five minute tests provide review, instruction in new material, and help children master the 5,000 most often used words and principles. Watch your students’ spelling improve with Spelling Power’s unique methods of practice and consistent repetition! More Spelling Power resources are available.

2. Bob Jones Spelling, Grades 1-6

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BJU Spelling is a traditional program using a five day approach to spelling instruction. Students are taught phonetic and structural generalizations to give students the ability to spell words beyond the list words. Students develop an understanding of word structure and mastery of spelling through the use of spelling generalizations, guided activities, and dictionary skills.
Christian publisher.

3. MCP Spelling Workout, Grades 1-8

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Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Spelling Workout helps to lead students from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns. It engages students in cross-curricular reading passages and high-interest writing activities. Spelling is reinforced during the week with riddles, puzzles, and interactive activities. It's a traditional program with an introduction to a concept, a pretest, followed by activities and puzzles to reinforce concepts and the end of the week test.

The Teacher's Edition provides detailed lesson plans for either a 3-day or 5-day plan. Dictation sentences for Pretest and Final Replay Tests are included.

4. CLP Building Spelling Skills, Grades 1-8

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The Building Spelling Skills series by Christian Liberty Press consists of phonics-based workbooks for grades 1-8. The 36 lessons in each text provides students with a word list centered around a theme or category of words. Each unit has activities to reinforce concepts presented and a final test for each lesson. Christian publisher.

5. Horizon's Spelling and Vocabulary

The Horizon's Spelling and Vocabulary program is designed around a weekly schedule with various practice formats. It's flexibility allows for adding words the student needs to work on and to tailor the writing assignments for individual students.

6. ACSI Spelling, Grades 1-6

Rather than presenting the lists in word families, this ACSI series is designed to teach most frequently used words as well as spelling rules. Sound-letter relationships, visual memory, and meanings are the three strategies used in the instruction in this program. Writing/composition activities are a major part of each spelling lesson. (Christian publisher)

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