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Top 3 Make Your Own Diary Kits


Keeping a diary, or journal, is an important part of writing and a good way for homeschoolers to get in their daily writing practice. With these creative kits, kids can decorate and personalize their own diaries.

1. My Own Diary

Decorate your own diary with ribbons, stones, stickers and more! This diary kit from Alex has all you need to personalize your diary cover and pages and keep your thoughts safe under lock and key.
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2. Secret Jeans Journal

Keep personal and private thoughts under lock ‘n key in this cool denim journal you decorate yourself. Kit contains illustrated denim book with lock and key, felt appliques, glue, creamy color pen and stickers.

3. My Day Planner

Keep track of your daily schedule, important dates and events in this cool organizer that you decorate.

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