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Homeschool forum members offer homeschool advice and tips to help you succeed in homeschooling - from teaching reading to socialization.

Accomplished Homeschoolers...Look What My Kid Did!
There are many talented homeschool students with some pretty amazing accomplishements. Here's where you can share about your student's accomplishments, both big and small. Read what these proud parents have to say about their student's triumphs, then share something great your child has done lately. See submissions See submissions

Be Flexible
Remember that what works for one family (or one child) may not work for another.

Believe in Your Child
A friend of mine who is a school psychologist said "Believe in your child."

Carnival of Homeschooling Roundup
These are the Carnivals of Homeschooling that were hosted here at the About.com Homeschooling site. The host of the carnival chooses the theme for the week, some of mine were serious, some were just for fun. I hope you enjoy them.

Deschool to Build Confidence
Deschooling has helped with self-esteem and building confidence.

Don't Be Critical of Yourself
Don't be too critical of yourself. I was beating myself up for not having a smooth running system of homeschooling.

Don't Compare to Others
I wanted to add not to get hung up on how other homeschool kids are doing

Early Learning
Don't wait too long to start teaching your kids, even if you plan to send them to public school.

Encourage a Love of Learning
Sometimes, especially if coming out of school, kids need a lot of time and a little bit of help to regain their love of learning.

Enjoy your Kids
Quit focusing on what everyone else thinks or says or does, and do what works for you.

Exchange Teaching Ideas
Whenever two or more homeschoolers get together, just mention something about homeschooling and the conversation is off and running. Homeschoolers are notorious for supporting each other and helping each other succeed. Get involved with the conversation by visiting the Homeschooling Forum, by joining in the ever-popular blog comments, and by...

Feel Like Throwing in the Towel?
The best advice... Never give up.

Finding the Perfect Curriculum
There is no perfect curriculum.

First Year is Exploratory
I agree that the first year is exploratory, both for the mom and the kids, especially if you are pulling from traditional school.

Homeschooling is a Lifestyle
When we first began thinking about homeschooling a veteran homeschooler told me "It's a lifestyle."

Know Your Homeschool Laws
The best advice I could give anyone, is to check with your state about the homeschool laws before you even begin.

Know Your Material
Put preparation into your homeschooling, don't get caught offguard.

Learning is a Lifetime Journey
Learning is a lifetime journey that does not end at age 18.

Learning Styles
Kids learn in different ways and at their own pace.

Learning When Interested
They learn when they are interested. Out of the blue, she wanted to learn about hemophilia and wrote a real good report after collecting and reading several sources.

Lessons Not From a Book
The most important things children ever learn are NOT found in a textbook.

Listen to Your Child
Listen to your kids, what they tell you, and what they want.

Outsource a Subject
If you choose not to or are unable to learn together, then you can outsource a subject.

Helping Your Fellow Homeschoolers

Self Scheduling
My son sort of "schedules" our days.

Set Up a Schedule
I guess my piece of advice would be to set a schedule for daily activity. This helps keep focused on what needs to be done.

Socialization vs. Social Life
Socialization is knowing how to act appropriately in various situations and is best taught by adults who care about the child.

Take the Day Off
The thing I can think of at the moment is there will be days when you and your child will feel "off".

Teach Your Child to Read
If your child can't read, teach them to read! No matter what it takes, that is the most important skill we need to teach.

Using Incentives - TV Time
Our latest incentive, going into summer, is... when our children are in bed by their bedtimes (no more excuses for getting up for drinks, etc.) they earn a token equal to 1/2 hour of TV time.

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