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November Worksheets and Coloring Pages (2)


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Cranberries Coloring Page
Cranberries Coloring Page

Cranberries Coloring Page

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Cranberries Coloring Page and color the picture.

November 23rd is Eat a Cranberry Day. Cranberries are very tart and tangy red berries that grow on low, creeping shrubs or vines. Cranberries are mainly used for cranberry sauce, cranberry juice or sweetened dried cranberries. The nutrient content and antioxidant qualities of cranberries make them a superfruit. Massachusetts, Wisconsin and New Jersey are the top three cranberry growers in America.

For a fun project, make a Cranberry Garland and decorate a bush outside to feed the birds. Using a needle and thread, string fresh strawberries, popcorn and raisins onto the thread. Secure the ends by tying a couple knots in the thread.

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