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March Holidays and Events - Teachable Moments in March


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March 1st - Yellowstone, Ohio, Nebraska and the Peace Corps
March 1st - Yellowstone, Ohio, Nebraska and the Peace Corps

March 1st - Yellowstone, Ohio, Nebraska and the Peace Corps

Beverly Hernandez
Here's a more detailed list of March Holidays and Events with worksheets, coloring pages and activities to provide teachable moments for March 1st.

Yellowstone National Park Established
Yellowstone National Park was the first national park in the United States, established on March 1, 1872. It's located in the border area between Wyoming and Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone National Park is a spectacular wilderness, famous for Old Faithful geyser and for buffalo and bears.

Ohio Statehood Day
Ohio became the 17th state on March 1, 1803. Ohio is a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes region. Columbus is the capital city of Ohio. Ohio is known as the Buckeye State because of the buckeye trees that are prevalent in Ohio. The Wright brothers developed a practical aircraft at Dayton, Ohio, in 1903. Eight presidents were from Ohio.

Nebraska Admission Day
Nebraska became the 37th state on March 1, 1867. Nebraska is a Midwestern state on the Great Plains. Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska. Omaha is Nebraska's largest city, located on the Missouri River. Omaha is a major transportation center of the Midwest. Nebraska is a leading farming and ranching state.

Peace Corps Founded
On March 1, 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is an independent agency sponsored by the United States government that promotes peace and friendship by living and working in developing countries.

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