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Colonial Kids

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Colonial Kids

The Bottom Line

Kids will love learning about Colonial Life with the activities and projects in Colonial Kids. This easy-to-use book is ideal for unit studies, homeschool classes or to bring your curriculum to life.
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  • Hands-on history projects
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • No index included


  • Projects include:
  • Sailing and Settling: Build a Sailing Ship, Learn Sailor Stuff, Make a Compass
  • Clothes and More: Boys and Girls Clothes, Make an Apron, Make a Wig
  • Home Sweet Home: Make a Rag Rug, Pain a Chest, Silver Plate a Tray
  • Dinnertime: Churn Butter, Clam Chowder, New World Cocoa Mix
  • Everyday Life: Dipped Candles, Make Soap, Target Practice
  • Arts and Crafts: Paper Quilling, Pinch a Pot, Make Buttons
  • School and Learning: Make a Hornbook, Stitch a Sampler, Make a Bookplate
  • Fun and Games: Hoop Roll, Shooting Marbles, Spoon Doll

Guide Review - Colonial Kids

Colonial Kids is an activity guide to life in the New World by Laurie Carlson. This is more than an activity and project book, students will gain an understanding of daily life in the colonies. Students will learn how colonial kids worked alongside their parents and what they did for fun. Students will make homemade toys and play some of the games that were played in colonial days. Students can make colonial clothes, learn about colonial homes, cook and taste colonial food and experience many other aspects of daily life.

The projects use everyday materials and have clear, easy-to-follow instructions. For all ages.

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