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BiblioPlan for Families

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The Bottom Line

BiblioPlan is a solid, Christian-based world history curriculum. With BiblioPlan, all your students can explore world history together, at their own level.


  • History covered chonologically
  • All levels work together
  • Very flexible and user friendly


  • Bound looseleaf in report covers
  • Hands-on project ideas not included


  • The following BiblioPlan studies are sold separately:
  • Ancient History - Covers Creation, Egypt, Israel, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and the Ancient East
  • Medieval, Renaissance & Reformation 400-1600AD - Covers Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Reformation
  • America and the World 1600-1850 - Covers 17th Century - 19th Century
  • America and the World 1850-2000 - Covers the Civil War, Reconstruction, World Wars, A Changing World
  • Comprehensive High School Supplement - Follows the same time periods as the other BiblioPlan studies

Guide Review - BiblioPlan for Families

BiblioPlan for Families is designed for Christian families with children in grades K-8. It integrates quality historical literature with Biblical and secular history, chronologically. The curriculum is set up in such a manner that you will repeat the material every four years, each time, gaining a deeper and more thorough understanding of world history.

All ages cover the same time period simultanously, but maybe reading different literature and the writing assignments would be age appropriate.

Each curriculum manual has 36 weeks of assignments consisting of the following:

Classtime History: Each lesson begins with Classtime History with three weekly lessons, reading out of select reference books, like Usborne Book of World History or Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World.

Readers: During this time, students read books that correspond ot the hisotrical period or topic of the week, as well as selections out of the Bible.

Family Read Aloud: This is usually done in the evening with the whole family.

Map/Timeline: Places, people and events are added on maps and a timeline.

Writing Ideas: There are writing ideas to help students imagine the time period they're studying.

Although at first glance, BiblioPlan can look a bit overwhelming, it is actually very flexible and designed to easily be taylored to each student and family with minimal preparation by the parent.

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