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A World of Adventure

World History from a Christian Perspective

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A World of Adventure
A World of Adventure by Dorian Holt is a unit study based on world history for grades 4-8. It covers all subjects (except math) in the following units: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance and Reformation, and the Age of Exploration. It is set up as a one year study (180 days) using library books and the Bible.

The subject areas covered:

  • Bible/Character Training
  • Language Arts - Grammar, poetry, oral communication, literature, writing, study skills, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Science - Health and nutrition, biological science (animal and plant study), Earth Science (weather, rocks, astronomy, oceans), scientific method, physics (simple machines, energy), and physical science.
  • Social Studies - Cultures and communities, geography, map and globe skills, history, government, and career education.
  • Fine Arts - Art and music history and appreciation.
Each subject is listed as a separate entity, however, please remember that learning is all interrelated - just like it is in real life! Wherever possible, subjects are overlapped to make learning more meaningful. There are times when lessons are combined if both concepts are fully covered in one assignment or activity.

A World of Adventure gives a year of lesson plans in a daily format. This book tells you exactly what to do each day, which books you must check out of the library and which books are suggested. It includes hands-on activities, recipes, discussion questions and writing and project ideas. Ideas and activities for extended learning adventures are included.

Each unit has a required literature list as well as an extensive list of additional books and materials that would be a great addition to your studies. Each unit has a list of supplies needed for the projects broken down by day needed (very helpful feature). It gives guidance where guidance is needed. It was written for those who lack the confidence or the time to put together a unit study of their own. Dorian has done the work for you so that you can spend more time making memories with your children.

This is an excellent study, well written, laid out in an easy-to-use method. I especially like the sensible, hands-on projects provided for each unit.

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