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What made you decide to homeschool?

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The decision to homeschool is a personal one and usually a difficult one. Families choose to homeschool for many different reasons. Read the responses from the forum and then share your story with us.

From the homeschooling forum - thanks Linda for beginning this thread for us.

"As you can see by the topic of this post, I'm curious as to what led to your individual decisions to homeschool your children?

Can't wait to read the responses!" - Linda

  • A few factors:
    - continual threat of teachers' strikes, with both sides using the kids as pawns
    - increasing class sizes and cuts to funding
    - some moral issues with the curriculum
    - long school bus rides (45 min each way for a 4.5 year old?)
    - having eliminated the public school option, we looked at private school and decided we could to as good a job for a lot less than the tuition costs!
    - having a sister whose boys were HSed and whose education was very impressive
    - the realization after our first 'trial year' that we loved it, loved learning with our kids and spending time with them, and the fact that academically they were allowed to excel in their best subjects and get one-on-one attention in the weaker areas
    - seeing how our middle daughter has learned by 'osmosis' - just hearing her older sister's lessons has benefited her
    - I'm selfish! After seeing the look on Rachel's face when she realized she had read a word on her own, I thought, 'No way I want someone else to enjoy these moments!' I love those times, and she's going to grow up quite fast enough.

    And now I've rambled on enough. I guess it's a combination of academic/moral/personal reasons. I think the answers to this will just show that HSers don't fit neatly into one little category! - Barb

  • I think the initial thing that appealed to me about homeschooling was that I liked my daughter. I wanted to be with her and I enjoyed the learning we had done together. As I checked out schools, read and volunteered, I became convinced that I could do a better job teaching her than any teacher she would run into in the school system where we lived. And then that day came where my husband and I saw a couple of little children (6) we knew in back of the grocery store engaging in illegal substance experimentation/abuse (and we lived in a "nice" town with "good" schools). As first time parents, though, this did not stop us from caving into pressure when told that our daughter would be "deprived of a valuable experience" if she did not attend that "very good" little public school. Needless to say, it was not a valuable experience and it took us years to heal from.

    Once we embarked on the homeschooling journey, we discovered it was better than we had expected or dreamed. Certainly, there were moments that were difficult or trying, but none of those were any worse than your usual parenting stuff. And as each of the other two children were born and grew, it got better and we got closer. What a wondrous thing it is to see your child grasp and idea for the first time! And how much fun learning is when it is not about rote memorization of seemingly meaningless facts, but an exploration begun out of curiosity or interest.

    Now, I can see the other great reasons for homeschooling that were not readily apparent to me when I began, twelve years ago. Things like a close, loving family, where my fifteen-year-old daughter not only likes to talk to me, but also still likes to cuddle. Things like my children retaining their innocence and joy of life as well as a good moral foundation. Things like my children being excited about receiving books for Christmas or birthdays, and being really excited about that. Or what about my daughter being really happy because she got to start Algebra this year, which she was really looking forward to because it is "a detective story, except with numbers".

    So, I am sorry for such a long post, but you can tell that this is near and dear to my heart. Maybe the best thing about homeschooling, for me, was reclaiming my family. - Cynthia

  • The ps in our area was out because of their poor quality. At first we wanted a quality education, and was dissatisfied with the quality and cost of the Christian school we were using. After the first year we continued because of the results that we saw. The kids were no longer stressed. They were happy and liked learning again. Our family drew closer together. They far exceeded academically what they were doing in the Christian school though they had been good students. They love homeschooling. They stopped bickering and fighting frequently. We could quickly cover the stuff that was too boring and could slow down and expand the areas that caught their attention. Many of the things they used to think boring (history, science) they like because of the involved approach we use. They are able to take many more courses and have many more learning experiences than in a traditional school. - Judy
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