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Kids Surveys


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Surveys for Kids by Kids
Would you like to take a survey? Well, actually, would your kids like to take a survey? Or make their own survey? What's their favorite Disney Princess, Star Wars character, Wiggles character, or...they can come up with their own survey.

My grandkids came over with surveys they created on their favorite topics. They came up with the questions and answers themselves and were very excited to question family and friends.

Here are their surveys in both printable and online format. Your children can print the surveys that interest them to ask their own friends, or print the blank form and come up with their own questions and answers. They can also answer the surveys online and compare their answers to other homeschoolers:

If your children want to create their own surveys and share them with others, send them to me and I'll add them to the survey lists - both printable and online.

Print the pdf: Blank Survey Form and write your own questions and answers. (Use your back button to return to this page and choose your next printable sheet.) Use the collected data to make charts and graphs.

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