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History of Candy Corn - October Worksheets


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History of Candy Corn
History of Candy Corn Worksheet

History of Candy Corn Worksheet

Beverly Hernandez
Print the pdf. Following the Civil War, Gustav and Albert Goelitz traveled to Illinois to join an uncle who had emigrated from Germany in 1834. They opened a candy making business in Belleville, Illinois. The business did well until hard financial times forced the sale of the business.

After Gustav's death in 1901, his two eldest sons revived the family candy business. The Goelitz Confectionery Co. invented the popular Halloween confection known as candy corn in the 1880s. Candy corn orders soared and by 1912, the company wasn’t able to keep up with the orders and had to turn some away. The candy corn business carried the family through the Great Depression and two world wars. Other manufacturers began making candy corn and undercutting sales. This and the limited product line were hurting the business. Expansion was the key to success.

Today, the great grandsons of Gustav Goelitz are carrying on the family candy making tradition. Herman Goelitz, Inc. of Fairfield, California, is famous for Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Print this history and worksheet for a short, sweet study.

Candy Corn Recipes:

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