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Fine Arts Resources

Art is an important component of any homeschooling curriculum.
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How to Set up A Homeschool Art Program
Great ideas for adding art activities to your homeschool routine.

Homeschool Art Lesson: Painting
Painting is a great way to teach kids about color, materials, and other aspects of art.

Homeschool Art Lesson: Drawing
Drawing is an easy and versatile way to add art to your homeschool routine.

Homeschool family on tour with Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
Four of the seven Hearn family children are on tour this summer with the David Payne production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Homeschool Art Lesson: Sculpture
Introduce your children to sculpting with clay, modeling dough and other materials.

10 Great Art Books for Kids
Teach art techniques and history with some kid-friendly resources.

Homeschool Art Lesson: Collage
Collage is a fun and creative way to turn recycled materials into art.

Concert in the Park
Summer Concerts - Concert in the Park - Enjoy a summer concert with your family.

California's First All Homeschool Marching Band
In 1998 a little group of homeschoolers began rehearsing on a weekly basis at Village Bible Church (almost in secret) with an instrumentation of recorders, flutes, and Mr. Hallman’s trumpet playing.

The Importance of Arts Education
Putting our culture back together must involve reclaiming and restoring the arts from a Christian perspective. The best way to do that is to begin to see the importance of educating our children in the arts...even if they aren’t artsy!

Teach Art at Home - Free Art Resource for Homeschoolers
My name is Karine Bauch and I am a professional art teacher and homeschool mom. I have started a free, monthly newsletter entitled, "Teach Art at Home" which includes projects, tips and ideas for integrating art into other subjects.

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