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Top 7 Travel Activity Books for Kids


Make car trips with kids fun and educational with these Travel Activity Books. A little planning can make for a more enjoyable trip! My Travel Activity Book and Travel Bingo are new free printables available for you.

1. Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit

A full-color book of car-appropriate activities, plus a 100-page game pad, and a vinyl pouch full of everything you need to do the activities.

2. Road Trip Trivia

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Klutz calls this book their "most powerful boredom-buster yet!" Each page of this book has five multiple-choice goofball questions. Questions are answered by sliding the pegs to the answers you think are correct. To see how you did, flip the book over and the correct answers are revealed.

3. Miles of Smiles

Girls will learn their travel style, how adventurous they are, what theme park suits them best, and more. Plus they'll spend hours solving travel-related puzzles and playing games with their seatmates. A separate travel journal provides prompts for saving memories of the fun they had, and a board game gives everyone something to do at their destination. (American Girl Publishing)

4. The Penny Whistle Traveling with Kids Book

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Parents and kids will find everything they need to make travel time fun time with "The Penny Whistle Traveling with Kids Book". Full of inventive advice and helpful hints, The Penny Whistle Traveling with Kids Book will show parents how to keep the kids occupied on the road with games for every age & interest.
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5. The Everything Kids' Travel Book

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Packed full of puzzles, activities, quizzes, and games, this book provides hours of nonstop fun that can be done alone or shared with other kids. There's cool stuff to do while the world is whizzing by the window.
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6. Sticker Book

"The Most Incredible, Outrageous, Packed-to-the Gills, Bulging-at-the-Seams Sticker Book You've Ever Seen" includes sticker puzzles, sticker games, sticker jokes, sticker pictures, sticker people, sticker activities and sticker goofiness, plus tricky stickers. Over 450 stickers.
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7. Are We There Yet? Travel Games for Kids

This charmingly illustrated book of travel games will instantly become a part of every parent's emergency survival kit and every child's backpack. Whether you're crossing town in the car, the ocean in a plane, or taking the train or bus to Grandma's, "Are We There Yet?" is sure to make the trip a smooth ride.
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