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Speakaboos Digital Storybooks

Get Ad-Free Access to Animated Storybooks and Games for Young Kids

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Speakaboos is a subscription service that gives you on- and offline access to an ever-growing collection of high-quality animated stories that will really keep your kids engaged.

Product Summary


  • Ad-free
  • Age-appropriate stories, songs, and games
  • Includes top children's publishers and entertainers
  • Designed by educators for real learning value


  • App only works on iPad 2 or later (Android app coming soon)

Read-Along Fun and Learning

Animated storybooks have been around for a while. They were one of the tools my kids used as they learned to make the connection between print and the spoken word. As a way to help kids learn to read, they're effective, and they're fun.

Speakaboos is a subscription library of animated books, songs, and games that kids can access on a computer or tablet. Designed for ages 2 to 6, even pre-readers can use the icons on the menu page to find the type of stories they're looking for.

The library is ever-expanding, with content from the Jim Henson Company, DK, and Charlesbridge books. Stories include familiar characters like Arthur and Gustafer Yellowgold. Categories include dinosaurs, sports, fairy tales, ABCs, nursery rhymes, and food.

On the website, children can listen to stories with animated illustrations. The text lights up as each word is read, and there are related songs, games, and printable activities. The iPad app offers three modes: "Read To Me," "Read & Play," and "Read It Myself." Touching the illustration makes the pictures come to life. Touching a word lets you hear it read aloud.

Some content is available free on the website, and the app is also free. A subscription gives you access to the full library, and is available by the month or year.

Product Description

  • Subscription library of animated stories, songs and games for ages 2-6
  • Cost starts at $4.99, with 6-month and 12-month subscriptions available.
  • Games and printable activities available.
  • Subscriptions give unlimited access to the full library of stories and songs.
  • Can be accessed online or off (via tablet).

The Bottom Line

Speakaboos offers a lot of high-quality content for a low subscription price.

Disclosure: I attended a preview event for the Speakaboos iPad app. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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