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Homeschool Curriculum

Thinking about using a curriculum, or looking for a new one? Find information on publishers, unit studies, used homeschool curriculum and homeschool book suppliers.
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Homeschool Curriculum and Other Learning Tools
Textbooks and curriculum are just a small part of the resources available to homeschoolers.

Starting Out: Do I Need to Buy a Curriculum?
Find alternatives to traditional (and often expensive) homeschool curriculum and custom-design your child's learning experience.

5 Learning Tools to Use Instead of Textbooks
Homeschooling doesn't have to mean using textbooks. Non-traditional learning tools build skills beyond passive reading -- and they're a lot more fun.

Homeschoolers Trading Zone
New forum for buying, selling and trading your homeschooling materials: homeschool curriculum, books, games, software and other items.

Surviving Your First Homeschool Convention
Avoid becoming overwhelmed at your first homeschool convention. Go prepared to look at homeschool curriculum and make wise purchases.

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