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What made you decide to homeschool? - Page 2
From the homeschooling forum. 

The decision to homeschool is a personal one and usually a difficult one. Families choose to homeschool for many different reasons. Read the responses from the forum and then share your story with us.

I quite simply could not fathom anyone else caring for my children for 6-8 hours each day.  I don't believe in daycare and I don't want my children in "government regulated daycare" until they are adults.  When would I see them?  When would I get to spend time with them?  I'll admit that in the beginning it was very personal and "me, me, me". :) 

I still believe in my original reason but now I truly believe I can give my children a better education at home.  Teach them a love for reading, science, maybe even math. :) 


Our decision for homeschooling our 6th grader comes from being teachers. My husband teaches high school, I teach Middle school. The actual time we teach is approximately 10-20 min per 50 min, the rest of the time we are warning, trying to convince the students to open their books, start to work etc. etc. I have seen nice happy confident 5th graders change into nasty, mean bullies.

Some Middle schools have 3000 students, many, many different students and teachers and classrooms, very threatening for a fresh 6th grader very confusing.


First-watched the incident at Columbine while I was nursing my infant (now 4 y.o.) and said No way did I go through 15 hours of labor to send my son into that.

Second-Read How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence when Jas was about 12 months --Most important sentence "Mothers are the best teachers"  Haven't looked back since.

I live in the supposed best school district in the state and even they have had drug issues and bomb threats.

Davette Professional Mom to the "beautiful and brilliant Jas" 4 y.o.

"But only in pulling her out of ps did I discover the real reason.  I have my daughter back.  Our family feels whole again.  This is where she belongs.  That's the reason.  No one is going to care for her the way we do.  School consumed all her energy from kindergarten on.  She was exhausted at the end of her day at school and then had  homework"

Exactly!!!  That's what I have enjoyed so much since we started!  I don't feel that aching pull every time I dropped him off at school.  I feel content with him home, and as someone so succinctly put it, I like my child!  What's amazing is how few parents want to get to know their kids.  One friend tells me how much she hates vacations and weekends, since she gets sick of her kids.  Now, I get annoyed and stressed now and then as well, but not to the point of avoiding them!!  With my husband ill, it's just such a relief to know where my son  is and what he's doing.  I'm working on HSing the 12 year old but I want him to want to do it, so for now he's in public school.  I know he's coming around!

What I also love is that we are covering more information, he's doing more hands on activities and is much more interested in the subjects, and we cover it in so much less time than the school did, so he has time to ride his bike, stare at clouds, and do things on his own.  So much wasted time in traditional school!!

Lastly, have to add this:  Saxon is so wonderful!  Jack has gone from not knowing his math facts, not even single digit addition in October, to sailing through Saxon and doing much much more!  They have them doing little pre-algebra problems, geometry, fractions, etc. and he thinks it's fun!!!

One more pet peeve:  I hate when I hear "kids need to be in school to learn to get along with others"....Usually I reply that given what we see on the news, and what my oldest son experiences daily in junior high, public school is not the place to learn to get along.  I tell them I consider that my teaching responsibility, and if they can't learn it at home, how will they learn it at school?


I just saw this post today. Some of these stories brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't going to write until I read these. Unfortunately, we had a bad experience in p.s. too. My daughter is gifted and did very well until 1st grade. Her 2nd grade teacher flat out didn't like her and would actually make my daughter call me at home when she had "misbehaved". She used to scream so loud at the children, the other teachers would complain. My poor 7 year old was put on prescription zantac for a nervous stomach. She would often vomit daily before school. I in my ignorance still thought it was just a phase and things would get better. 3rd grade was better but it was nothing but a recovery period from her awful 2nd grade. Then came 4th grade. Her grades started to slip, she was ridiculed severely and teased over our Christian faith, she began to have horrible nightmares and her teachers solution was to tell me "there's something wrong with your daughter, she needs a shrink!" Not to mention their idea of a gifted program was 1 hour per week and they studied Greek Mythology. All this time I actually worked at this school and thought my presence in the cafeteria and on campus daily would make a difference. Meanwhile, I had given birth to my son, now in daycare. The straw that broke the camel's back was when my then 9 year old told me she would rather be dead than go to school. We left for Spring Break and never went back.

I echo the sentiment of the mother that said the best part of homeschooling is that she has her daughter back. It took us about 6 months to really get to know each other again. I was surprised at how little I actually knew her. We too are a family once again. And, my son will never grace the door of a public school! I have rediscovered the joys of motherhood and knowing that no one loves my children the way I do and as another mom said quoting from a book: Mother's really are the best teachers.


An example: The other day, it was rainy and miserable and my 7yo daughter said she liked yucky days. when I asked why, she said because she gets to snuggle with Mommy and listen to the rain during 'recess'. We snuggled on the couch, watched the rain fall and I rubbed her head and back for an hour. All the while visions of a chaotic, 'indoor' recess in the classroom and the 'loud, yucky' lunchroom went through my head and I said never again!

Initially, I started hs-ing her a few months ago due to health reasons (my other daughter has chosen to finish out kindergarten), but am finding I love it so much, I want to hs all my children indefinitely now (much to the chagrin of our family). My daughter is herself again, our relationship has improved and she is learning so much more in much less time. She is no longer bored, frustrated and stressed. I love it!


I will be homeschooling for the first time in the fall.  My daughter is 6 years old and finishing 1st grade at a Christian school.

We decided to homeschool for several reasons.  We are going to be moving and Christian schools are way too expensive there compared to where we live now, and we don't want her in a public school.  After researching homeschooling, we are discovering there are many other benefits of which we were not aware.  One of those being flexibility.  This year I have not been happy with the schedule at school.  They make them start the 3rd week of August, yet they had 2 weeks off at Christmas, and countless other days for various reasons.   They average about 2 days per month off.  I like the idea of being able to schedule days off when WE want them, not when the school decides.   Also, I am excited about being able to spend more time with my child.  They grow up so fast.  I couldn't believe it was time to send her to school all day this year, and I really miss her during the day.  I have been a licensed daycare provider for the past 6 years also, so I am already home, and it just seemed to make sense for us. My husband has wanted this for quite some time, but I was resistant.  It is little scary, but most of the people I have dared to tell have been very supportive.


Amen!  I was just looking through these replies and I am so glad I am not the only one who likes to have their child with them. 

I am going to start homeschooling for the first time this fall.  My daughter is 6 years old and in first grade at a Christian school.  We want to homeschool for many reasons, but one of my personal reasons is that I have missed her this year!  I am excited about getting her back, as you so aptly put it. 

I agree with everything you said.  How can you be a family if you are away from each other most of the time.  I am so glad I am not the only one who feels this way


I just can't thank everyone enough for sharing themselves with me.  I've been researching my heart out on the whole home schooling spectrum and I'm finding it more and more suited to what I'm seeking for my daughter.  I find that everyone who's posted here, shares my feelings and ideals.  Like I've finally found 'home'.

I'm still not getting much support or understanding from those around me.  I know ultimately it ME and only ME who has this decision to make.  It would just be nice to have some support.  I know it's because they have not researched the material or interviewed others (here in my local area) who home school, so they are not familiar with the whole process.

It's still is a big decision to make, but I feel I'm finding my way through the process a bit better than when I first started out.

I've been reading some of the books on home schooling, one in particular called "Home Learning Year by Year" by Rebecca Rupp, and I've learned that based on the year by year outline of what children should know and when, my daughter is more advanced in most areas than her own age group...so I know she would be bored to have to repeat this material, if she was enrolled in traditional school.  I have a bit of an advantage living her in PA...a child doesn't have to be entered into a traditional school or declared home schooled until they are 8 years old.  This will allow me to begin home schooling her now and see how it goes.  If we find h/s'ing is not for us, then she would need to be enrolled in traditional school by her 8th b/day.

Since I began posting here, I've paid extra close attention to my words and my daughters words, the way we interact with one another, and I've noticed how many questions she asks on a wide number of topics and how I've always just answered her questions so she could grasp the meaning.  I never realized that all of this was part of home schooling...to me it was just a part of being a mother.  My daughter never ceases to amaze me with all that she knows, how she can hold a conversation with an adult on most any topic and yet, can still be a typical kid.

I just wanted to thank all of you for listening to me, for sharing yourselves and your feelings with me, for making me feel so welcomed here....it's been wonderful.  I've learned so much.

Always thankful -

MsLafate (Linda)

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