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Inexpensive Dates with your Mate
Fun and creative ideas for time alone as a couple.

My husband and I use to go on beach dates a lot. We would pick up sub sandwiches on the way to enjoy at the beach.

Once,... a long time ago, my husband took me on a date. I did not know where we would be going or doing. When I go into the car he told me to pull down the sun visor and there was a "menu" (from Chez Zay - Zay being my nickname for my husband) of possible activities. I no longer remember where we went but I remember it was fun getting there and I will always remember the cute menu card he made for me.
Inexpensive Date....Go to a restaurant and just order coffee & your favorite dessert!
We love to go to a restaurant and then go walk around the mall or do to a park and walk a trail. A overnight trip to a hotel for the weekend is a must once a year. This is the first time we ever were away from the kids overnight (our oldest is 10). It was a wonderful way to spend quality time with my husband.
From:  MARYB58 
You'll never be able to beat the price on this date--My husband and I were either running on low funds or we really weren't in the mood to dole out money for an expensive date--so, (you won't believe this) we picked up two burritos at Taco Bells fast food restaurant, bought two bottles of pop of our choice out of a nearby vending machine (ate in the car) and took in a $1 movie at the nearby movie theatre. Our total cost...$7. We enjoyed talking and relaxing as we ate our meal and then before the movie began (as the theatre was barely full)--we still laugh about what a great night that was. Definitely a date on a shoestring. The Theatre has since then raised their prices to $3 a movie, but even at that it would still be pretty cheap.
From:  ZARIA1998 
My husband and I sit out on our back porch and drink coffee with the tiki lights going and talk about each others day. we haven't had a chance to this yet. We are military so he is usually gone or doing long hours.
I really enjoyed our stay on the Queen Mary.
From:  SUUZY 
When the kids are in bed
Lay a blanket on the lawn
Hold hands and star gaze
Conversation should be focused on
the early relationship of the couple
(dating and first years of marriage)
My husband & I joined a new church that has a kids program one night a week from 7-8:30PM. We drop off our child who gets excellent "socialization" and Christian training and we go have a date and are back to pick her up at 8:30PM. Last night we celebrated our anniversary by using a 2-for-1 coupon at a restaurant close to the church. This idea would work for those with more children, because this church has all the kids ministries at the same time. Since this church is a strong supporter of marriages they don't mind if parents drop their kids off and go out on a date.

Ann Seberino

From:  SUSY01
My husband and I are under a very tight budget so we have to resort to lots of creative ideas for dates. We have no family in Ohio so we have to rely on friends. To keep cost down we trade babysitting time with a family from church.

My husband and I will get all dressed up and go to a nice hotel or coffee house. There we sip coffee or wine for a while. Then we go for a walk by the river.

There are lots of ways to get away and not pay much. Sometimes we let our "babysitting trade family" take our kids for the night. (never forgetting that we'll have to take theirs for a night soon!)  Then we just stay home and have a romantic dinner by candlelight, with soft music playing in the background. Make an agreement that you will not discuss the kids, money, or any other areas that might cause you to stop focusing on each other. At first you might feel like you have nothing to say. Tell stories about your dating days and soon you'll remember how it felt when it was just the two of you.


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