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Summer Learning Fun - Reading Ideas
Ideas to keep the kids busy and learning during the summer.

Taking a break from homeschooling? ...that doesn't mean the learning has to stop!

Summer is a good time for reading. There are lots of reading programs available for the kids during the summer. A good place to check is your local library. I have my kids keep a book in the car for reading while running errands. We always take along a good supply of books when traveling.

Here are some ideas that you might try.

  • Favorite Books Submission
    Submit your children's favorite books and help create a recommended reading list to share with others who are looking for great books to read!
  • Car Bingo Cards
    To help you long hours you might spend traveling in the car this summer, Squigly has made up some Car Bingo Cards for you to enjoy.
  • Fun in the Sun
    Fun in the Sun wordsearch.
  • Listen to Stories Online
  • Read along with stories on the RIF Reading Planet site.
  • Summer Reading Fun
    Here are some summer reading tips from Elizabeth Kennedy, guide to Children's Books.

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