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Homeschoolers Trading Zone

A forum for buying and selling homeschool books and curriculum.


I am pleased to re-announce aforum here at About Homeschooling - a whole forum just for buying and selling your homeschool books and curriculum!

~ The Homeschoolers Trading Zone ~

I'm so excited to be able to have this forum available for everyone to buy and sell their used homeschooling books. You can post your own ads and ask and answer questions right in the forum! The used book section on my site did great, but there was too much wait time for your ad to show up (you had to wait for me to post it).

I really am excited! I wanted to remind everyone of this forum again before the end of the school year so everyone will be able to figure it out and become comfortable with it in time to buy and sell for the new school year.

So, get your closets and garages cleaned out and post your ads!

Thanks & happy trading!

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