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October 2012 Holidays, Special Days and Events

Fundays Calendar - October 2012


October 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

October 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

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Celebrate a holiday or special day every day in October 2012. Learn about holidays you never heard of. Be sure to check back every day for recipes, crafts, games and lots more fun things to do. Enjoy! (The link next to the day provides more information about the events.)

October Seasonal Specials:

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October Coloring Calendar

October 1st - Presidents, Yosemite and China

October 2nd - National Parks, Cars and Custodial Workers October 3rd - Germany, Techies and Flan October 4th - Presidents, Calendars and Tacos October 5th - Presidents, Hamburgers and Walking October 6th - Wars, Tennis and Noodles October 7th - Roses, Historic Rides and Germany October 8th - Fires, Cars and Baseball October 9th - Vikings, Hoagies and Yale October 10th - Metrics, Tuxedos and Cakes October 11th - Shipwrecks, First Ladies and Ferryboats October 12th - Cotton Candy, Farmers and Raincoats October 13th - Heroines, Puddings and Teddy Bears October 14th - Presidents, Insects and Civil Rights October 15th - Whiskers, First Ladies and Balloons October 16th - Dictionaries, Climbing and Raids October 17th - Einstein, Poetry and Earthquakes October 18th - Alaska, Telephones and Cupcakes October 19th - First Ladies, Anthems and Yorktown October 20th - Opera House, Louisiana Purchase and Fruit October 21st - Reptiles, Ships and Light Bulbs October 22nd - Parachutes, Trains and Nuts October 23rd - Crayons, Canning and Swallows October 24th - United Nations, Niagara Falls and the Stock Market October 25th - Microwaves, the North Pole and Weddings October 26th - Whales, First Ladies and Pumpkins October 27th - Presidents, Subways and Potatoes October 28th - Liberty, Cotton and Chocolate October 29th - Stock Market, Space and Pennsylvania October 30th - Martians, Presidents and Candy Corn October 31st - Halloween, Mount Rushmore and Nevada

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