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April 2012 Holidays, Special Days and Events

Fundays Calendar - April 2012


April 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

April 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

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Celebrate a holiday or special day every day in April 2012. Learn about holidays you never heard of. Be sure to check back every day for recipes, crafts, games and lots more fun things to do. Enjoy! (The link next to the day provides more information about the events.)

April Icons - These icons match the events on the April Fundays Calendar. They are designed to be used as each event is explored. The icons can be glued onto the April Coloring Calendar.

April Specials:

Easter Quiz
Easter Printables; Religious Easter Printables
World Autism Day; Autism Awareness Printables
Spring Printables
Arbor/Earth Day Quiz; Earth Day Printables

April 1 - Fools, Quorums and Firefighters

April 2 - Autism Awareness, Easter Egg Rolls and Pencils April 3 - Pony Express, Rainbows and National Parks April 4 - Assassinations, Flags and Gold April 5 - Yale, Booker T. Washington and Resnick April 6 - Olympics, Designated Hitters and Quorums April 7 - Metrics, Caramel Popcorn and Scandals April 8 - National Parks, Birds and Home Runs April 9 - Civil War, Astronauts and Libraries April 10 - The Titanic, Beatles, and Cinnamon Crescents April 11 - Napoleon Bonaparte, Satellites and Civil Rights April 12 - Space Shuttle, Civil War and Roosevelt April 13 - Presidents, Elephants and Board Games April 14 - Lincoln, Titanic and Dictionaries April 15 - Leonardo da Vinci, Titanic, Lincoln and Erasers

April 16 - Wilbur Wright, Newton and Eggs Benedict

April 17 - Ellis Island, Franklin and Mustangs

April 18 - Paul Revere, Earthquakes and Einstein

April 19 - First Ladies, Wars and Marathons

April 20 - Radium, Hitler and Hot Springs

April 21 - Trains, Mark Twain and Kindergarten

April 22 - Earth Day, Oppenheimer and Land Rush

April 23 - Presidents, Shakespeare and Movie Theaters

April 24 - Libraries, Manhattan Project, and Pigs in a Blanket

April 25 - United Nations, Telescopes and Penguins

April 26 - Richter, Australians and Audubon

April 27 - Presidents, Morse Code and Magellan

April 28 - Presidents, Maryland and Blueberry Pie

April 29 - Zippers, Lindbergh and Botany Bay

April 30 - Presidents, Louisiana and Owls

National Donate Life Month
National Garden Month

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