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State Unit Study - Louisiana

Series of Unit Studies for each of the 50 states.


Louisiana Maps
Graphic Maps

These state unit studies are designed to help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state.  These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children.

Print the United States Map and color each state as you study it. Keep map at the front of your notebook for use with each state.

Print the State Information Sheet and fill in the information as you find it.

Print the Louisiana State Outline Map and fill in the state capital, large cities and state attractions that you find.

Answer the following questions on lined paper in complete sentences.

Louisiana Printable Pages - Learn more about Louisiana with these printable worksheets and coloring pages.

Louisiana State Symbols Quiz How much do you remember?

Louisiana Word Search - Find the Louisiana State Symbols.

Fun in the Kitchen - Eat dirty rice? It's not as bad as it sounds; in fact, it's quite good. Try this recipe for Louisiana Dirty Rice.

Louisiana Purchase - See the actual documents, or read text copies of the three separate agreements that make up the Louisiana Purchase. Louisiana Purchase Coloring Page

Odd Louisiana Law: By law, any person had the right to grow as tall as he or she liked.

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