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State Unit Study - Alaska

Series of Unit Studies for each of the 50 states.


Alaska Maps
Graphic Maps

These state unit studies are designed to help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children.

Print the United States Map and color each state as you study it. Keep map at the front of your notebook for use with each state.

Print the State Information Sheet and fill in the information as you find it.

Print the Alaska State Outline Map and fill in the state capital, large cities and state attractions that you find.

Answer the following questions on lined paper in complete sentences.

Alaska Printable Pages - Learn more about Alaska with these printable worksheets and coloring pages.

Alaska State Symbols Quiz How much do you remember?

Fun in the Kitchen - The King Salmon is the state fish of Alaska.

Did You Know... List two interesting facts.

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky - Take the self-guided tour and learn all about these beautiful lights.

Alaskan Email Cards - Send an Alaskan email card to a friend.

Borax Crystal Snowflake - Grow a snowflake in a jar.

The Alaska Zoo - Go on a virtual tour of The Alaska Zoo.

The Salmon Story - Learn about the life cycle of salmon.

Kid's Photo Gallary - How would you like to catch these fish?

Dogsledding 101 - What type of dog makes the best sled dog? What commands does a musher use? What equipment is required to race? In Dogsledding 101, you can learn all this and more.

Balto - In 1925, sled dogs helped stem a diphtheria outbreak.

Virtual Alaska Room - The Alaska Room is a collection of Alaska native artifacts from all over the state. There are Eskimo harpoons, Tlingit totems, Haida hats, Athabascan baskets, Aleut masks, and much more.

Alaska Wildlife Notebook - Wildlife Notebook Series includes descriptions of more than 100 of Alaska’s wild fish and game.

Wildlife Video Gallery - Click on the pictures to watch programs about bears, moose, caribou and more!

This is the Glacier that Carved the Valley - Pictures of the Valley.

Odd Alaska Law: It is illegal to push a live moose out of a moving airplane.

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