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The Bottom Line

Great game for learning human anatomy for all ages. It grows with your child, so it's a good investment!


  • Multi-level play
  • Includes hands-on experiment ideas
  • Five games in one


  • Reuseable stick-on body parts quit sticking over the years


  • 4 SomeBody Game Boards
  • 4 Reusable, Stick-on Body Parts Sheets
  • 50 Body Parts cards with questions and experiments
  • 50 Muscles and Bones Cards with questions and experiments
  • 1 SomeBody Reference Chart
  • Rule Booklet

Guide Review - SomeBody

SomeBody is a fun and educational human anatomy game by Aristoplay. I purchased this game when it first came out, many years ago. My children loved playing the games and it was a popular choice when their friends came over. Learning anatomy has never been this fun!

There are instructions for 5 different games. Games can be played at different levels simultaneously, making it perfect for homeschool families. In Level 1, players match body parts. Level 2 teaches the locations and functions of major body parts. Play games such as: Doctor's Orders, Build Somebody, Match SomeBody, SomeBody Fishing, and SomeBody Muscles & Bones. For 1-4 players, ages 6 and up.

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