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The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book

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The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book

The Bottom Line

This book provides the answer to the dilemma homeschoolers face when it comes to teaching physical education at home.
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  • Games and activities for 2 to 4 players
  • Easy to understand diagrams
  • 167 games and activities!


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  • Sample games: Basketball Games - Got Ya, Five Passes, Knock Out
  • Football Games - Fake & Shake, 49'er Football, Triple Action Football
  • Soccer Games - Soccer Pirate, Target Soccer, Soccer Horse
  • Softball Games - Pickle, Softball 21, Cricket Ball
  • Racket & Net Games - Keep It Up, No Net Badminton, Newcomb Doubles
  • Recreational Sport Games - Frisbee Bowling, Soccer Golf, Outside Billiards
  • Playground Games - Handball, Triangular Keep Away, King Square
  • More P.E. Games with a Homeschool Twist! - Octopus, Trees, Gotcha
  • Fitness-Building Games - Crab Grab, Push-Up Tag, Rope Jousting
  • Rope Jumping Activities - Pendulum Jump, Run Through, Bird Jumps

Guide Review - The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book

Guy Bailey's Homeschool Physical Education book is the best resource I have seen to help homeschoolers meet the P.E. requirement without expensive equipment or large playing areas. It will help develop the skills necessary for a variety of sports and fitness activities. The fun and easy-to-use games and activities are designed to help homeschooling families teach their children fitness, movement and sports skills. Each activity includes easy-to-understand instructions, number of players, suggested age level, equipment needed and illustrations. The games are for 2-4 participants, perfect for the homeschooling family. The games are also adaptable for larger groups, making it a great resource for homeschool groups to use in a group setting.
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